Sara-la-Kali ~Queen of the Romani~

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In the light of the 24th of May a journey of thousands of nomadic Romani
takes place each year to the church of Saintes-Marie-de-le-Mer
meaning "of the sea") in Camargue,France(the place where the land ends and the sea begins) to worship Sara-la-Kali (Sara the black Goddess` Queen of the Romani."

As the guitars and violins sing out their praises the Rom are chanting their invocations and holding their candles high in their hand as the children are presented to the staue. Notes of intentions,gifts of jewels, children's clothing are placed before the crypt. A black statue of Kali-Sara crowned and robed in blue and white in the crypt (our mother's womb) within this church is surrounded by hundreds of candles and letters of testimonies of her miracles as well as small shoes and childrens crutches and metal braces.

"The Roma have now come. They are taking advantage of their age-old right to gather in the crypt of Saint Sarah, their legendary patron. They are huddled under the altar, curly-haired, with unctuous lips, fingering their rosaries, covering with kisses the hem of St. Sara's skirt, beads of sweat falling onto the many burning candles. Day and night they sing religious songs, They mumble some kind of prayers that nobody understands in a mysterious language. It is a unique spectacle. The Roma enrich the holy pilgrimmage in Les Saintes by their magnificent multi-faceted originality.

Sara-la-Kali-known as the black serving maid of the two white Mary's upstairs in the main church, but known as Kali-Sara to the Romani
who honor her in association to Kali of India, the black mother Goddess of their homeland. Kali is the Rom and Hindi word for black.
"Kali comes from the word "kala," or time. She is the power of time which devours all."
'Kal' also translates as Time and 'i' means the Cause; Kali, the Cause of Time or She Who is Beyond Time, activates Consciousness to perception, allows Consciousness to perceive. "

Kali-Sara is a wise women who has secret vision and knowlegde serves of which she has gifted to the Gypsy women. Her staue is said to work miracles for the ill and particulary the children. As the narrow streets fill with the devotees the Camargue gardians on horseback escort the staues of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and Sara-la-Kali carried by chosen men back into the sea from whence she came. All the while the Gitans sing hymns and shout thousands of times, "Viva Saint Sara!"

First the carriage with Sarah goes into the sea. The moment the hem of her skirt touches the water, everyone else throws themselves in after her. They believe that the water that Sarah has just blessed will bring them health and luck.

(Good Luck and Good Health)
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